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About AICE

AICE is an outward focused, inclusive body, advancing the exchange of culture between Australia and Israel as a means of encouraging art and artistic links. We foster a spirit of greater tolerance and understanding of the unique cultures that these two ancient lands have to offer and facilitate artistic co-operation, innovation and exposition.

AICE was launched at a unique official ceremony on 2 December 2002. A Joint Declaration announcing and supporting the establishment of AICE by The Honourable Alexander Downer MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Binyamin Netanyahu MK, Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs took place simultaneously in Parliament House, Canberra and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem. It is the first time that such a Joint Declaration has been made between Australia and Israel.

We define culture as artistic pursuits - literature, film, music, visual and plastic arts, drama, dance and architecture.

Our objectives are to promote Israeli culture in Australia and Australian culture in Israel to the widest communities, facilitating and promoting an increased knowledge and understanding of these two geographically distant states. By fostering cultural links and embracing the full range of the cultural diversity of both countries, AICE forges connections which touch individuals, inspire communities and, by harnessing creative expression and the most precious resource of both countries, change lives. The relationship between the two countries has always been both warm and strong. Successive political leaders across the political spectrum from both countries have recognized this relationship as extremely important and have endeavoured to expand, develop and enrich the many links between Australia and Israel. Founded by Melbourne-based Albert Dadon AM, the creation of AICE adds depth to this relationship as it increasingly draws the connecting artistic communities closer together.

Australia and Israel have many shared strengths and common goals and face many of the same challenges. Indeed, the rich tapestry of culture in both countries is an integral part of what shapes the national identity, but is also potentially a very strong facet of the relationship between Australia and Israel.

About the AICE Logo
The light blue menorah reaches up to the welcoming stars of the Southern Cross. The radiating arcs of the candelabra ‘raised out like arms’ embrace and represent cultural  exchange. The menorah is known as the ‘feast of lights’ - the Southern Cross lights the Australian night sky. This logo expresses the longstanding warmth between Australian  and Israel. In a circle, representing equality and unity, this logo highlights the benefits of sharing.