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Welcome to the AICE Australian Film Festival 2007. Since the Festival was launched, we have been delighted to see that a growing audience and appreciation for Australian films has developed in Israel. Three years ago there were no Australian films in local distribution and this year there will be seven! In 2007, AICE takes pleasure in bringing you our strongest program of films yet.


Opening with 'Jindabyne', Ray Lawrence's hugely successful follow up to 'Lantana', the Festival presents a program of nine feature films and four documentaries. 'Jindabyne', starring Gabrielle Byrne and Laura Linney, is an exceptional film which explores the complex undercurrents at work in a small rural township when four locals on a weekend fishing trip discover the body of a young woman in a river, but fail to act immediately.


The overriding theme for this year's festival is Telling the Truth and Telling 'Stories', as so many Australian films this year have blurred the edges of fiction and non-fiction storytelling. The multi-award winning 'Ten Canoes' (Rolf de Heer) which premiered at Un Certain Regard in Cannes in 2006 is both the true story of the indigenous people of the remote Arafura Swamp set in mythical 'dreamtime' as well as a magnificent fiction based on an existing collection of ethnographic photographs of their ancestors.


Acclaimed director Gillian Armstrong has also played with the edges of fiction/non-fiction in her recent film, 'Unfolding Florence', a true crime story about a society interior designer who constantly invents her own life story. Her murder remains one of Australia's most notorious unsolved crimes. As producer, I will be presenting 'Hunt Angels' (Alec Morgan) which is an animated account of the true story of two movie-making outlaws who took a Bonnie and Clyde-like approach to raising money for their films.


Tony Ayers' deeply moving 'Home Song Stories' is a highly poetic film inspired by real events, while '2.37' (Murali K. Thalluri) on the other hand purports to be based on true events but has been mired in controversy since its release on the basis that it's forensic like style is in fact a very clever fiction.


Documentary techniques abound in 'Suburban Mayhem' (Paul Goldman) and 'Boxing Day' (Kriv Stenders), however, both are completely fictional. In the latter, Stenders works within cinema verité style and the film is a result of a unique rehearsal process which culminated in the film being shot in real time.


We invite you to sit back and be challenged, inspired and entertained by this program of films.


Sue Maslin
Artistic Director