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The AICE Australian Film Festival is now an established annual event that introduces Israeli audiences to the very best in contemporary Australian films. This year’s program is packed with compelling films that are powerful evocations of history, culture, landscape and cinematic storytelling. The festival opens with ‘The Proposition’, written by Nick Cave and starring Guy Pearce. The raw depiction of Australian colonial life set in an unforgiving desert landscape made this film, in my view, the best Australian feature film to be released last year.

Last year, the AFF took pride in introducing to Israel, for the first time, indigenous filmmakers and their unique and powerful engagement with the screen. We will continue each year to showcase the best of indigenous work so don’t miss ‘Plains Empty’ and ‘The Lore of Love’, both directed by Bec Cole.

State of the art animation, such as Oscar nominee ‘The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello’, directed by Anthony Lucas, continues to be a feature and the mesmerising ‘We Decided Not To Die’ demonstrates the exciting new directions in digital animation taking place in Australia.

Above all, the films have been selected to entertain and include local crowd pleasers such as ‘Oyster Farmer’, Australian Film Institute (AFI) Best Documentary winners ‘Wildness’ and ‘Jabe Babe’ and psychological thriller, ‘Irresistible’, starring Susan Sarandon.

The AICE Australian Film Festival is about cultural exchange and I invite you to join us at the Festival, wait for the curtain to part, the cinema to darken and lose yourself in some incredibly different worlds.

Sue Maslin
Artistic Director