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Batsheva Dance Company at the Melbourne Festival

One of the leading contemporary dance companies in the world and one of Israel's greatest artistic exports, Batsheva Dance Company presents two Australian premieres – 'Three' and 'Max' – at the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October.

Melbourne audiences are given the first opportunity to see the company since the sensational performances of 'Anaphase' in 2000. Classic, modern and contemporary dance forms come together with awe-inspiring synergy in the two latest works from Ohad Naharin, the inspirational artistic director of the company since 1990.



'Three' is an expansive three-part work that lays bare its dancers' unique kinetic abilities. In 'ëBellus', the opening section, a sequence of solos is performed to Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations. The movements range from the virtuosic to the intriguingly awkward. This is followed by a sensual interlude, 'ëHumus', a beautiful dance for nine women who move to an ethereal score by Brian Eno. In the third and final passage, 'ëSecus', the dancers move with beguiling, daring gestures to an eclectic soundtrack. A series of powerful duets and revealing solos lead to an ecstatic finale, set to the unabashed melodic rapture of the Beach Boys. 'Three' is a work of astounding physical exploits and unexpected humour.

'Naharin repeatedly surprises us with his courage to dig deep and touch the essence of art. The dancers are exposed in all their artistic integrity.' Ha'aretz

Friday 10 October: 7.30pm
Saturday 11 October: 2 pm & 7.30pm


Through Ohad Naharin's exploration into the roots of movement, 'Max' is a journey into the human spirit. A primal expression of pain and happiness, the solitude of the individual, the essence of the couple, the essence of a team and of society as a whole, the various narrations of this unique work deal with the human and the all-too-human: loneliness, happiness and the pain of the individual as well as of the essence of community.

'Max' is an ensemble work for ten dancers and the work features original music composed and presented by Maxim Waratt, a name Naharin assumed for himself. The choreography, lighting design, music and sound compositions all come together to make this a true feast for the senses.

'The superb ensemble work of 10 bright dancers makes Max, Ohad Naharin's latest creation, an evening to remember.' Jerusalem Post

Sunday 12 & Monday 13 October: 7.30pm

the Arts Centre, State Theatre
100 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004

Bookings: 'Three'

Bookings: 'Max'

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