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Charles Merewether

Dr Charles Merewether, Artistic Director of the Sydney Biennale 2006, visits Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Dr Charles Merewether, Artistic Director of the Sydney Biennale 2006, made an historic visit to Israel in April, accompanied by Executive Director Keith Lawrence. His visit was the first by the Biennale in its 30 year history.

In a busy international schedule, Merewether spent four days in Israel as well as two days in the Palestinian Authority. In this flying visit, his schedule, facilitated by AICE, included the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Holon Digital Arts Lab and the Centre for Contemporary Art, commercial galleries in Tel Aviv (including Sommer, Noga, Dvir, Tal Esther and Chelouche Galleries), exhibitions and meetings with Israeli curators. Exploring the theme of ‘zones of contact’, focusing on how contemporary art practices continue to explore and articulate the complex relations between people, cultures and the spaces they inhabit, Merewether was exposed to the work of more than 100 Israeli artists. Whilst awaiting his final decision, it is anticipated that there will be a significant presence by Israeli artists in the 2006 edition of the Biennale. The Biennale (8 June until 27 August) will take place in galleries and exhibition spaces throughout Sydney.

Lawrence also accompanied Merewether to the Palestinian Authority, facilitated by the Australian Embassy, Tel Aviv. In addition to attending meetings in Ramallah and Jifna where the Biennale was discussed, Lawrence used the opportunity to meet and discuss possibilities for future collaborative projects (in music and the visual arts) between Israelis and Palestinians taking place in Australia.

Wednesday 27 April   Arrive Tel Aviv
  Holon Digital Arts Lab
  Australian Embassy
  Centre for Contemporary Art
Thursday 28 April Sommer Gallery
  Tal Esther Gallery
  Alon Segev Gallery
  Yehudith Sasportes Exhibition
  Dvir Gallery
  Noga Gallery
  Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Friday 29 April Palestinian Authority – Ramallah and Jifna
Saturday 30 April Palestinian Authority – East Jerusalem
Sunday 1 May Holon Digital Arts Lab
  Rosenfeld Gallery
  Chelouche Gallery
  Depart for Cairo