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Giving Opportunities 2011

It is with pride that Batsheva Dance Company has announced the official launch of the Australian Friends of Batsheva Dance Company together with AICE. We have fantastic initiatives underway, but we need your support in order to promote an environment for artistic creation. This will ensure the continued excellence of Batsheva’s productions and allow us to tour Australia, spur the growth of our company’s global audience and expand Batsheva’s innovative educational programs.

We welcome you to the Australian Friends of the Batsheva Dance Company and look forward to your involvement in this year’s events.

  • $150,000 – Batsheva’s Core is Creation
    Supporting the creation of new works
  • $50,000 – Dancers in our Heart
    Maintaining dancers’ salaries to meet international standards and to reward their excellence and hard work
  • $25,000 - Technology
    Supporting technology updates. In order to keep a high level of communication with Batsheva's audience and professional communities, there is an ongoing need to allocate resources towards technology updating.
  • $20,000 – Naharin’s Legacy
    Ensuring the ongoing preservation of Ohad Naharin’s legacy and inspiring vision for the company
    'If you could hold one of Ohad Naharin's dances in your hand, it would feel smooth. Think of a polished stone. It looks like a piece of secret sculpture, but hurl it and it becomes a weapon.'
    Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice
  • $10,000 – Shai L’Israel
    Bringing performance of Batsheva to underprivileged children in Israel
  • $7,000 - Batsheva is a Place of Healing and Strength
    Providing two months of treatments to dancers to maintain their health and assist in injury recovery and prevention
  • $5,000 – One Dancer
    Aiding with the salary of one Batsheva Ensemble dancer for three months
  • $1,000 – Soldiers Experience Batsheva
    Subsidising tickets for 40 soldiers to see Batsheva perform