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100 min

Director: Keren Yedaya

Cast: Ronit Elkabetz, Moni Moshonov, Dana Ivgy, Mahmoud Shalaby, Roy Assaf. 

Dubbed by the New York Times as “Israel’s Meryl Streep” and by former Israeli president Shimon Peres as “ an extraordinary cultural ambassador for the state of Israel “, actress Ronit Elkabetz passed away last year at the age of 51 after a private battle with cancer. AICE is pleased to be able to present two Australian premieres of her work on the big screen.

Jaffa is Ronit Elkabetz’s second collaboration with Keren Yedaya who wrote and directed this film which premiered in Cannes in 2009. Partly inspired by the Egyptian films that used to play on Israeli TV on Fridays Yedaya constructed this family drama as a questioning of Israel’s position towards the Palestinians.

In the heart of Jaffa, a city nicknamed “The Bride of the Sea” by Palestinians, Reuven’s family garage is a family business. His daughter, Mali, and his son Meir, as well as Toufik and Hassan, a young Palestinian and his father work at the garage. No one suspects that Mali and Toufik have been in love for years. As the two lovers are secretly making their wedding arrangements, tension builds between Toufik and Meir. Ronit Elkabetz is imperious through as the matriarch of the Jewish family.

Viewer advice: not recommended for children under the age of 15 without parental guidance.