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The recent upswing of Israeli cinema was anchored in 2006. It is the year in which Israeli cinema clearly positioned itself as an integral part of Israeli culture. After years of relentless efforts, Israeli cinema is no longer a cultural commodity looking for audiences or can be defined as an exceptional art form.

The statistics of cinema attendance show that local audiences appreciate, enjoy and encourage Israeli filmmaking. In 2006, more than 900,000 tickets to Israeli films were purchased. This is almost double the figure of 2005. For the first time in years, the country’s biggest box office success was an Israeli Film (Aviva, My Love – our opening film for the Festival in 2007).

Worldwide, Israeli cinema continues to gain attention and acclaim. At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Israel was selected for the “Tous les Cinemas du Monde” section and presented its films and its film industry to an international audience. Israeli films were also screened in Berlin, Toronto, Pusan, Tribeca, Moscow and many more International film festivals. This was followed in 2007 with winning the major and prestigious award prizes in Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and more.

Foreign investment in Israeli feature films in 2006 totaled US$7 million which is 44% of the total amount invested in Israeli feature films, with co-productions with France, Germany, Italy, Canada and, for the first time, Australia and Japan continued and intensified this year.

Israeli films, bringing the stories and vision of the Israeli filmmakers to the screen, have developed in recent years a voice, a character and an identity of their own, creating conditions for a sustainable, creative and vibrant film industry.