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by Katriel Schory
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Diverse, complex, inspirational, turbulent. The AICE Israeli Film Festival 2005 mirrors Israeli society and highlights the current successes of the Israeli film industry. 2004 broke all home box-office records for Israeli films, recording a phenomenal increase on previous years. Our opening film, 'Turn Left at the End of the World' is the highest-grossing Israeli feature film in a decade. Interest in Israeli film is not just restricted to the home market. Recent films have enjoyed growing interest and visibility on a global scale, winning prizes at major festivals and world sales increasing by 80%. 'Or' and 'Atash - Thirst' are Cannes prize winners; 'Campfire', won Best Film, Israeli Academy Awards and was victorious in Berlin. 'The Syrian Bride' comes laden with prizes from North America and Europe. Developing concurrently has been 'the documentary', in which Israel's excellent reputation is reflected by the growing number of international co-productions and festival prizes. The genre is represented by 4 powerful documentaries including prize-winners 'The Secret' and 'Odessa…Odessa'. The breadth and depth of the AICE Israeli Film Festival is a clear indication of the trust in the talent and professional skills of the Israeli film-makers in all genres and all ages. It bodes well for the future.