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Since the introduction of the new cinema law in 2000, Israeli film has changed dramatically, gaining local and international acclaim and recognition: 43 films have been approved since its inception. Many mirror today’s turbulent and complex society. Local audiences have also shown renewed interest in home-grown features with admissions tripling in the same time period.

Interest in Israeli film is not just domestic – recent films have enjoyed growing interest and visibility globally, overcoming resentment towards Israel, increasing understanding and touching the emotions of viewers. Running parallel is the increase in foreign investment, increasing global distribution and our profile in leading international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Melbourne and Sydney.

Developing concurrently is ‘the documentary’, a medium traditionally supported by television, which is proving to have commercial potential in the cinema. Israel has an excellent reputation for its documentaries, highlighted by the sheer number of co-productions with European and North American television companies and many international festival awards.

The AICE Israeli Film Festival 2004 reflects the excellence of all aspects of film-making in Israel. Thus feature and documentary films have been selected as well as short films from students at Israeli Film Schools.The breadth and depth of this festival is a clear indication of the talent and skills of Israeli film-makers in all genres and ages. It bodes well for the future.