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Mission statement

  • To raise the profile and awareness of the company in Australia
  • To assist and facilitate the securing of funding for operational and artistic expenses of Batsheva in Israel
  • To facilitate the raising of funds in order to bring Batsheva to Australia
  • To enlarge the international networking base of the company, including philanthropic individuals and foundations, artists, festivals, decision makers
  • To support the company in its position as Cultural Ambassadors of Israel on the world stage
  • To sustain the company’s artistic excellence and position as one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies

Company Benefits:

  • Raises the profile of the company in Australia, leading to increased opportunities for performances
  • Raises the profile of the company internationally, leading to increased opportunities for performances
  • Creates an increased international network of supporters, advisors, donors
  • Provides opportunities for new artistic development and outreach for the company
  • Increases financial security
  • Contributes towards a positive image of Israel globally
  • Raises the self image of Israel within Israel itself
  • Contributes towards the development and strengthening of society within Israel through increased educational activities and the support of new dancers and choreographers

Individual Friends Benefits:

  • Supporting excellence in the creation of a world class art form
  • Contributing to a positive image of Israel both within Israel itself and globally
  • Experiencing the joy of being part of a vibrant company
  • Accessing exclusive Batsheva events and visits both in Australia and all over the world
  • Networking with members and friends of Batsheva from around the world
  • Receiving invitations to exclusive functions throughout the year
  • Priority booking for tickets to public performances in advance of general sale
  • Obtaining Batsheva newsletters, with inside information on the company alongside news of new emerging international artists and dance companies
  • Being part of the extended Batsheva family